Message from the President

PresidenThe mission of the Japan Endocrine Society (JES) is to promote scientific advance in endocrinology and integrate these knowledge to understanding and management of wide range of human disorders, and to contribute to the progress of medical practice toward better human health worldwide. To achieve this goal, the JES is dedicated to deepen understanding of physiology and pathophysiology of endocrine organs and hormonal actions in their wide range of target tissues.

The JES has about 8,000 members, and is committed to the growth of basic and clinical sciences in the field of endocrinology. The JES welcomes scientists, clinicians and health care professionals to join the society for the achievement of its goal. The JES also welcomes to enhance international exchange with any of the societies worldwide.

Hiroshi Itoh, M.D., Ph.D.

President, The Japan Endocrine Society

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About The Japan Endocrine Society

The Japan Endocrine Society was founded in June 1925, and is the second oldest society in the field of endocrinology next to The Endocrine Society of the United States founded in 1922. Since its establishment, the Japan Endocrine Society has undergone steady and continued growth, and is currently composed of about 7,500 active members in basic and clinical fields of endocrinology and metabolism. The Society is directed under the leadership of the Board of Directors chaired by Professor Toshio Matsumoto. The Board of Directors is composed of 14 members elected from all the fields including internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, endocrine surgery, urology, neurosurgery and basic sciences. The official journal of the Japan Endocrine Society is the Endocrine Journal. The Endocrine Journal is published in English every month, collects papers from all over the world, and is growing as an international journal.

The largest event of the society is the Annual Congress of the JES held every year, with more than 3000 participants and over 1000 abstracts in all the fields of endocrinology and metabolism. The Japan Endocrine Society also hosts two other nationwide assemblies each year. One of them is the JES Summer Seminar on Endocrinology & Metabolism, which features hot topics on basic research related to endocrinology and metabolism. The other is the JES Clinical Updates on Endocrinology and Metabolism, which summarizes and discusses progress in clinical endocrinology and metabolism each year. The Japan Endocrine Society has its local divisions in 9 portions of Japan; Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto-Koshinetsu, Tokai, Hokuriku, Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku and Kyushu divisions. Each of these divisions holds their local meetings every year.

In order to develop specialists and to provide continued medical education in endocrinology and metabolism, the Japan Endocrine Society issues qualifications for Board Certified Endocrinologists. This certificate is issued by nationwide examination, and is renewed every 5 years. There are close to 2,200 Board Certified Endocrinologists in Japan as of the end of 2014. After clearing terms and other requirements, the accreditation council of the Society issues qualification for Certified Endocrine Educator to Board Certified Endocrinologists. In order to become a Board Certified Endocrinologist, one must undergo trainings under the supervision of Certified Endocrine Educators for more than 3 years.

The Japan Endocrine Society is committed to the growth of basic and clinical sciences related to endocrinology and metabolism. The Japan Endocrine Society also welcomes to enhance international exchange with any of the societies worldwide.

June, 2015
Yoshihiro Ogawa, M.D. Ph.D.
Chair, Planning and Public Relations Committee

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History of The Japan Endocrine Society

Foundation of the Japan Endocrine Society (JES) by Prof. Kanji Tsuji (Kyoto University)
Launch of the Japanese journal of Japan Endocrine Society "Naibunpigakai-zasshi", i.e.
  "Folia Endocrinologica Japonica"
The 1st Annual Meeting of the Japan Endocrine Society (Kyoto) to present (82nd, 2009)
Launch of the English journal of the Japan Endocrine Society "Endocrinologia Japonica"
Thyroid Research Meeting: 1st - 22nd (1958 - 1979)
JES Thyroid Sectional Meeting: 23rd - 38th (1980 - 1995)
Foundation of Japan Thyroid Association: 39th (1996) to present
The 1st Asia-Oceania Congress of Endocrinology (Kyoto)
  President: Prof. Tadashi Miyake (Kyoto University)
Neuroendocrine Symposium: 1st - 7th (1967 - 1980)
JES Neuroendocrine Sectional Meeting: 8th - 23rd (1981 - 1996)
Foundation of Japan Neuroendocrine Society: 24th (1997) to present
The 7th Asia-Oceania Congress of Endocrinology (Tokyo)
  President: Prof. Kazuo Shizume (Tokyo Women's Medical University)
The 1st JES Meeting "Summer Seminar on Endocrinology & Metabolism" to present
(Fuji Hormone Conference: 1st - 16th (1983 - 1998))
The 8th International Congress of Endocrinology (Kyoto)
  President: Prof. Hiroo Imura (Kyoto University)
The 1st JES Meeting "Update on Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism" to present
(Continuing Education Assembly: 1st - 9th)
Japan Endocrine Pathology Research Meeting: 1992 - 1996
JES Sectional Meeting - Japan Endocrine Pathology Research Meeting: 1st - 3rd (1997 - 1999)
Foundation of Japan Endocrine Pathology Society: 4th (2000) to present

Japan Steroid Hormone Research Meeting: 1st - 3rd (1993 - 1995)
JES Steroid Hormone Sectional Meeting: 4th - 5th (1996 - 1997)
Foundation of Japan Steroid Hormone Society: 6th (1998) to present
Renaming "Endocrinologia Japonica" to "Endocrine Journal" (from Vol. 40)
JES Scientific Meeting of Reproductive Endocrinology: 1st - 4th (1996 - 1999)
Foundation of Japan Society of Reproductive Endocrinology: 5th (2000) to present

Foundation of the Society of Cardiovascular Endocrinology and Metabolism: 1st (1997) to present
The commemorative ceremony of the 70th Anniversary of the Japan Endocrine Society (Tokyo)
Renaming "Kaiinrenraku" to "JES News"
Foundation of local branch organizations: 9 branches of JES
The commemorative ceremony and meeting of the 80th Anniversary of the Japan Endocrine Society (Tokyo)
The 14th International Congress of Endocrinology ICE 2010 (Kyoto)
  President: Prof. Kazuwa Nakao (Kyoto University)

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Board Members

The Japan Endocrine Society Name Affiliation
President Hiroshi Itoh Keio University
Vice President Takashi Akamizu Wakayama Medical University
General Affairs Nobuya Inagaki Kyoto University
  Hironobu Sasano Tohoku University
Ethics Sadayoshi Ito Tohoku University
Finance Masamitsu Nakazato University of Miyazaki
Shozo Yamada Toranomon Hospital
Publication Itaru Kojima Gunma University
Takashi Kadowaki The University of Tokyo
Yoichi Ueta University of Occupational and Environmental Health
Board Certification/
Career Development
Toshihiko Yanase Fukuoka University
Masanobu Yamada Gunma University
Keiichi Ozono Osaka University
Takashi Minegishi Gunma University
Susumu Yokoya National Center for Child Health and Development
Toshitsugu Sugimoto Shimane University
Mari Hotta Suzuki National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
Planning and Public
Yoshihiro Ogawa Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Iichiro Shimomura Osaka University
Ken-ichirou Morohashi Kyushu University
Auditor Akira Shimatsu National Hospital Organization Kyoto Medical Center
Shunichi Yamashita Nagasaki University
Advisor Takahiro Shibata Oita University
Yasuhiro Takeuchi Toranomon Hospital
Hiroko Tsukamura Nagoya University
Tomonobu Hasegawa Keio University
Shigeo Horie Juntendo University

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The 3rd Floor,Nihon Seimei Kyoto Sanjo Building
75 Masuya-cho
Sanjo Yanaginobamba-nishiiru
Kyoto 604-8111,JAPAN


Endocrine Journal Editorial Office

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